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This question is powered by a silly graphic of an octopus I added to one of our login pages titled "This is the Oktapus, and he wants you to know that you are about to sign in via Okta" and now all of our internal apps have different colored and named Oktapus' on the login pages

I try to add silly things into every project I work on, whether it's a work project or a fun project. Do you...

🕹️ I'm turning into the Mom that calls all video games "Nintendos" AND the Apple nerd who refuses to say "laptop" instead of "MacBook"


SPECIAL COLLECTORS edition of: "This Immortal" by Roger Zelazny for sale here:
or see the full collection here:

#Literature #SciFi #ScienceFiction #books #bookstodon #RogerZelazny

This Immortal

Getting started on BlueSCSI Toolbox apps for NeXT on real hardware

#NeXTStation #retrocomputing #retrodev #BlueSCSI #NeXT


@solderandchaos It should be fine. I'd open the case up and leave it to air for a day though just in case there's any moisture in there that might start to rust things.

@daniel is there a public TestFlight for ? I was a member of a TestFlight release aaaaaages ago but I‘m. It able to find any trace anymore

Header row removed!


The latest version of ( has new features for data analysis, data visualization, and data management.

A new PCA tool produces tables of scores, loadings, and explained variance; a scree plot; and scatterplots of PC scores. The PC scores can be added to to the data table as new columns so they can be used in other analyses or for mapping.


#DataExploration #DataAnalysis #DataVisualization #DataViz #DataManagement #Python #FOSS #FLOSS #OpenSource


@solderandchaos Most likely fine if you dry it really well.

If you take it apart, you can rinse it with IPA to flush any water residue out.

[poll] When writing markdown comments/posts (e.g. github, reddit, ...) I primarily use the following link syntax

I live in a state where front plates are technically required. New car came with nowhere to put one unless you drill out holes. Totally ruins the effect. I think I'll just go without, not like cops here are gonna do fuck all about it.

From my archive (created one year ago, no change since April).

I'm trying to breathe new life into it.



#GenerativeArt interlude

When a circle meets a circle, a-comin' through the rye...

It started simply, with a circle meeting a circle, each reflecting what happens in the area of overlap, which includes those reflections...


#XQuery #SVG #CreativeCoding


Strike Commander (Werbung) - Power Play 4/1993 ❤
#Retrogaming #Retrogames


🌟 Just started exploring Mastodon and loving the decentralized social experience! 🐘✨ It's refreshing to see such a vibrant community thriving on open-source principles. Anyone else new here or have tips for a newbie? Let's connect! #Mastodon #SocialMedia #OpenSource

iOS 18 Beta 4 available. #iOS


Getting there! Just two more daughter cards to build…. #RC2014 #RetroComputing #Z80 #RomWBW


I’ve written on how much I hate companies wasting time on things they call “community.” All this squandered opportunity to gather people and actually achieve something. But I want to do more than complain.

So I’ve taken a decade+ of developer tools, events and community experience and packaged it up into something that will move the needle for dev tools companies.

I call it a flash community.


Magical Renegades status update - I exported the panels for ep. 42 so I’m ready to make the finishing touches! This episode might be ready to publish by this weekend!

#Webcomic #Webtoon

What it looks like in the air when a closed-source security company breaks a software update.

This is a 12 hour timelapse of Delta, American Airlines, and United flights.


@revk I never get the people who say it’s pronounced JIF. What’s the word, Jraphics?

You are allowed to change or explore your gender even if you are satisfied with your current gender.

The only thing that matters is if you will feel happier as one gender or another

How many times will Jimmy Carter not die

@capnthommo @Catvalente

The decision that most people understand is consumer buying decisions. It's what they understand and practice daily.

So they tend to act like the candidates are two movies playing at the same multiplex. They think that if both movies look bad, and they refuse to go to either, then the movie studios will both panic and go oh no! We'll have to try harder to get people's interest, neither of these movies are good enough!

They think they can boycott the political process, basically. But this isn't a consumer buying decision.

The reality is closer to if you decide to skip both movies, then the movie you thought looked like the worst one gets your ticket money right from your account. One of the two flicks gets your money, like it or not, you only get to decide which one.

That inability to understand that this isn't a consumer buying decision makes them do weird things that don't make sense.

@hpr is it just me, or does this voice sound a bit like pokey🤣

@asymco hi Horace. Have you seen this game? Car Park Capital. “In this satirical city builder, your goal is to convert walkable cities into parking lots and use propaganda to convince everyone it's what they want.”

I just saw that Porkbun has .art domains on sale for $2.35, just wanted to share in case anyone was interested

@GottaLaff they need to make/sell signs or stickers with “Childless Cat Ladies for Harris”


this is a good policy


How do the complex roots of the polynomial in the title move when t₁ and t₂ vary on S₁ x S₁?
Made with #python, #matplotlib, #numpy and #sympy.
#mathart #math

Hey folks, I’m on a new instance using GotoSocial and having issues migrating from my other instance.

Would you mind sharing this post so I can federate and regain connections? Thanks!

#AskFedi #Federation #GotoSocial

Hey mastadonia- I miss having some like-minded strangers to share thoughts with these days but can’t bring myself to use another Meta platform. I’ve been on mastodon since the great Elonification of Twitter but struggling to find my community here. if you’re seeing this, share your best suggestions for how I can find my community here. I’m a 🇨🇦 disabled science/health/disability wonk, work in non profit and love knitting, dogs, and adapted mountain biking (aMTB).

We plan to open up preview access for the new Noisedeck in a week or two. Anyone who's ever had a Noisedeck subscription will have access!

It is far beyond the last release. Excited to share what we've been up to.